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The Health Partners Group is comprised of Health Partners, Psych Health, Changing Health, Hygiene Partners, Health Partners Academy and Health Partners Foundation.

Our tech-enabled occupational health business providing tailored clinical services to clients that improve the health and wellbeing of their people.

Our mental health business, Psych Health, improves wellbeing through the provision of a comprehensive, end-to-end mental health service which matches the right support to individual patient need, integrated with support for physical wellbeing and lifestyle.

With our expert team at Hygiene Partners, we work with clients to identify workplace health risks and show how these can be managed, minimised or eliminated in line with the hierarchy of controls.

Our Health Partners Academy unlocks exciting opportunities in Occupational Health, providing the chance for registered healthcare professionals to retrain as Remote Case Managers.

Our foundation is funded through our Give as you Earn Scheme, Salary Sacrifice and of course company contributions. We work with smart organisations to ensure we have as great an impact as possible.