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Occupational hygiene

We manage workplace risks to ensure your health is protected

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Identifying, preventing and managing health risks

With our expert team at Hygiene Partners, we work with clients to identify workplace health risks and show how these can be managed, minimised or eliminated in line with the hierarchy of controls.

Our hygiene services

Finding and solving risks for a healthier workplace

  • Strategy and planning
  • Health risk profiling
  • Workplace environment monitoring
  • Air, noise and vibration assessments
  • COSHH advice
  • Ventilation testing and examination

“The OH intervention had clear impacts on the attitudes and behaviours of workers and managers on site.”
Large public sector client


Protecting Health

The challenge

A client in the UK education sector wanted to ensure that the health of their staff and students was protected from work being carried out in a concrete laboratory on site.

The solution

The occupational hygiene team at Health Partners, Hygiene Partners, designed and conducted a survey to assess dust exposure. The final report detailed the health risks and provided practical recommendations for improvements to work practice, dust extraction, housekeeping and use of personal protective equipment to ensure all people on site were properly protected.

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Thank you for this, it is very much appreciated.

Health & Safety Manager, education institution

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