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Individual interventions

The opportunity

A client employee, a young man in his twenties who for all appearances was fit and healthy, stopped by our clinic to have his blood pressure checked during a routine health assessment we were running on site at a manufacturing plant.

The intervention

The individual's blood pressure was so high the physiologist taking his metrics rang the paramedics who immediately signed him off home. He attended his GP the next day and was prescribed blood pressure medication and was scheduled an MRI scan.

Following rigorous investigation, the individual was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disorder which was causing the potentially life-threatening high BP. Something that may not have been picked up otherwise and which could have been fatal. 

Young man working on a car chassis at an automobile manufacturing plant in a high-vis jacket

I’m still very grateful for what you did that day. The consultants said we’ll never know long I’ve had it; it's symptomless unless you check for it, and good to have found it now before too much damage is done.

Engineer, multinational automobile client

Health by design

The challenge

One of Europe’s largest construction projects, BAA’s Terminal 5 Programme at Heathrow Airport, needed a safe and healthy workforce and working environment throughout the multi-year build and a site design that would be led by health and wellbeing.

The solution

BAA hired us to lead its occupational health and hygiene services, including an emphasis on employee health and wellbeing (e.g., musculoskeletal disorders, dermatitis, men’s health, smoking cessation services and diet) which resulted in several awards for the project partners on this literally ground-breaking project.

Case study

Occupational Health on T5 has been a real success. It has set the standard which needs to be spread across the entire country.

Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT)

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