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Our charitable foundation

Our passion for helping people doesn’t end at the UK border. Our foundation is how we aim to be a force for good beyond the people and the organisations we work for, working with established partners to invest in well-designed health, education and children’s programmes for communities who need them most.

2023 Impact Report

Health Partners are committed to providing our services in a sustainable and responsible way, creating ‘value with purpose.’ Using an ESG-based model, we believe through hard work, creative innovation and responsible decision-making, we have founded a business that plays a vital role in our economy and gives back to our communities in a positive way.

Health matters

The gulf between lowest and highest life expectancy in the UK is growing because of inherited social circumstances. Health inequality is drastically impacted by factors out of our control, but we can encourage employees to take healthy habits home, setting off a positive ripple effect.

Although we alone at Health Partners cannot level up this health gradient, we are uniquely positioned to influence healthier workplace cultures that have positive impacts throughout people’s lives and communities.

By proactively supporting healthier attitudes and lifestyles, we promote optimal wellbeing. Because knowledge is power, our education programmes – extended to patients, staff and customers – give people greater agency to thrive.

This philosophy is applied throughout our business and extends to our network of suppliers, adding value where we can. We foster a culture of respect, equality and diversity, and we want to show how it is possible to build a business with soul and passion for the benefit of all.

“All our energy needs are sourced from zero carbon sources or 100% offset. There’s an enormous amount of work that goes into that and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.”

- Andrew Noble, CEO


At Health Partners everything we do revolves around people, our own colleagues and those of our clients. Our environment directly impacts our health. We obsess about creating a sustainable planet.

The impact we have on the planet is felt gradually by our surroundings but has everyday consequences that affect us all, particularly on those in places far from home.

We are determined to play our part in seeking meaningful solutions, putting the health of both people and the environment at the heart of our business. Our aspiration is that whatever we take from nature we find a way of reusing it or replacing it.

Achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is central to our business plan. Through careful scrutiny of our GHG footprint we take every opportunity to mitigate emissions. We have been improving efficiency standards throughout the business.

We only use renewable electricity at our head office. We only work with suppliers who are committed to net zero and beyond. For the emissions that are stubbornly hard to mitigate, we offset through our partnership with Tree Nation and planting our own trees.

We are working with our business partners to ensure they all can meet the same standards too.

While working with Tree Nation, we consciously picked locations where the tangible consequences would be felt more readily, translating to economic, community and social benefits. The projects are based in Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Kenya, all countries which have seen severe depletion of their woods and forests.

Trees planted in Kenya in 2023 by Tree Nation and Health Partners

The Health Partners forest

We are very proud of our work with Tree Nation, a European nongovernmental organisation dedicated to collaborating on projects in developing nations planting trees. These initiatives serve a dual purpose: firstly, they enable organisations like us to offset their emissions in a positive manner, contributing to the fight against climate change and deforestation, both of which are recognised as pressing global issues by the scientific community. Secondly, these projects provide support to local communities by generating positive economic impacts, particularly benefiting women and promoting equality in these regions.

To date with Tree Nation, we have helped plant more than 6,600 trees in Madagascar, Kenya and Burkina Faso.

Our sustainability model


reduction in carbon emissions since 2017


waste from our head office going to landfill


trees planted with TreeNation, capturing 603 tonnes of CO2

Business matters

We rely on each other, support each other. Collegiate working is in our DNA, and that extends to the world around us. Health Partners are committed to supporting our communities, our environment and our society – our energy sources we control are all net zero. 

We are committed to providing our services in a sustainable and responsible way. We use an ESG based model that presides over hard work, creative innovation and responsible decision making.   

We have built a business on our core mission to help people be their best. We are totally focused on the care of people, communities and the living world around us. We are also signatories of, or committed to, the UN Global Compact, ILO Declaration, Armed Forces Covenant, Disability Confident and Movement to Work.

We look at the impact we make in a much broader sense than just a health service. We source transparently, ethically, and sustainably. We support a range of social programmes and established The Health Partners Foundation to pursue our business values in the context of the world’s wider issues. 

We work with other businesses and organisations to encourage each other. We run forums, networks and workshops to identify best practice and be a thought leader in building socially and environmentally impactful business.

Our activities and strategy are closely aligned to key UN Sustainable Development Goals:  All our activities are bound by the common purpose of protecting and developing people and we are committed to advancing workplace healthcare to make a positive and measurable difference to the quality of people’s health and wellbeing.

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Building a strong start to your career

Health Partners supports numerous apprenticeships providing skills and training for school leavers working towards their ATT or CIMA Level 7 qualifications. As a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, we have also committed to actively recruiting ex Services personnel for training and quality jobs.

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