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Our Health Partners Academy

Are you a registered healthcare professional who’s passionate about helping others? Our academy can unlock exciting opportunities in occupational health, through focused training, personalised coaching and full clinical support. 

"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of the Health Partners’ Academy Programme. I had no prior occupational health experience, and the programme has provided me with all the necessary skills and knowledge to begin my occupational health journey and to perform the role of a remote case manager successfully. I have really enjoyed being part of the Academy family, learning from the extremely knowledgeable and experienced teachers, who are available to support you every step of the way."

Jennie Swift, Trainee Remote Case Manager

What you can expect

Skills and knowledge

Skills and knowledge


Our programmes are specially designed to give you all the skills and insight you need to progress an exciting career in occupational health


Expert guidance


You will work alongside and be fully supported by a team of experienced Occupational Health Advisors who will provide you with expert clinical training

Remote teams

Blended learning


Our training programme, combining self-directed eLearning with 1-1 coaching, can help you progress to a role as Remote Case Manager with Health Partners

"What a fortunate position I am in! I have the privilege of leading the most amazing team of clinicians including our Health Partners Academy trainees, who grow in confidence and experience each day."

Allison Stables, Head of RCM

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