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Our charitable foundation

Helping others is what we do. Beyond our day-to-day clinical work, the Health Partners Foundation is our way of making a difference.

About Health Partners Foundation

Our Foundation is funded through the myriad charitable activities that our teams undertake independently each year, as well as through company contributions. We work with smart organisations and reputable trusts to ensure we have as great an impact as possible.

Children in school

What we do

We like to focus our giving on health, education, refugees and children. We work with smart organisations, such as Give It Forward Trust and Extra Cover, to ensure our donations have as great an impact as possible.

Our current programmes support refugees in Iraq and Kurdistan; the education, care and mentorship of children in sub-Saharan Africa; and underprivileged and orphaned children in Sri Lanka.

Give It Forward Trust

The Give It Forward Trust's mission is to encourage “lucky” individuals to commit meaningfully in order to sustainably transform the lives of disadvantaged children and adolescents and empower them to escape their “bad luck” to lead a self-directed existence. 

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is a non-governmental organisation that runs four women’s centres for internally displaced people and refugee community in Kurdistan and Iraq. Their centres provide a safe, supportive and healing environment for conflict survivors, filling resource gaps by providing community-responsive programming. 

As of January 2023, their programmes have positively impacted on more than 60,000 women, girls and community members – half of them directly. Health Partners is extremely proud of the support we have been able to give to the Lotus Flower charity via the Give It Forward Trust (GIFT). 


Founded in 2015, Edulution is a digital learning platform used in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa to enable:

Effective learning through blended e-learning programmes;

Teacher engagement and digital preparedness;

Local youth employment opportunities.

The Edulution Learning Platform is an innovative solution enabled by technology, data and incentivised youth. When deployed, the platform is delivered as a blended e-learning model, which has just the right amount of human touch to make the solution effective and operational in rural and urban environments.  

At Edulution, we believe that effective learning requires (1) active engagement, (2) self-paced learning, and (3) concept mastery in a (4) fun and supportive environment. 

Effective learning is therefore achieved through a unique combination of: Technology (hardware and software), exciting Content, evidence-based Analytics and Coaches (local youth).

To date, the Learning Platform has been deployed through the Numeracy Programme in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa and impacted over 50,000 Learners.

Surfers Not Street Children

The Surfers Not Street Children is a charity in South Africa and Mozambique based on a model that fuses surfing, mentorship and care. 

The organisation has dedicated local teams that include social workers, carers, lifeguards, surf coaches and administrators.

Many children empowered by Surfers Not Street Children have transformed their lives. Some have gone from ‘street children’ to becoming coffee baristas, lifesavers, surf shop staff, restauranteurs, surf coaches and even pro surfers.

Surfers Not Street Children's objectives are to identify children at risk of street connectedness and empower them to leave street life and reintegrate into society successfully; to offer safe play, a healing space and developmental programs engaging children and youth through the power of surfing; to help develop children and youth into independent and self-sustaining adults; and to advocate for the way society perceives and treats street children and youth.


In partnership with CAMFED Tanzania, we have contributed to secondary education for girls in a country where 75% of girls enter primary education but only 8% complete secondary school. By encouraging and completing education, it’s shown girls will be healthier, safer and more confident.

Children in a classroom in Sri Lanka engaging in school work

Smile Sri Lanka

Working with Smile Sri Lanka through Extra Cover, we have donated to support underprivileged and orphaned children’s access to health, education and recreation. The charity teaches language, basic computer and artistic skills, to those who might otherwise have lacked access to opportunity.

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