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The modern, fast-changing workplace highlights the need to support everyone to ensure they can thrive. Through our extensive service offering, we provide expert advice and clinical services aimed at significantly improving people’s wellbeing, productivity and inclusion within the workplace.

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Neurodiversity: Autism

The challenge

Daniel is Autistic. He had been off work for an extended period of time due to challenges with his mental health, resulting in reduced confidence communicating with colleagues, which became more amplified when he began working a night routine, leaving him feeling isolated.

The solution

A Workplace Needs Assessment was arranged to explore Daniel’s needs and the support required to return to work. We recommended set working hours, using clear concise instructions, assigning a workplace mentor and implementing one to one coaching. Daniel shared during the assessment he would have rated his mental health a 3/10, but after the assessment and adjustments, within his first coaching session Daniel rated his mental health 6/10.

Customer assistant at supermarket

My assessor was so calm and stoic with me and really helped me see it was okay to be experiencing the thoughts I was experiencing.

Customer Assistant, large retailer

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