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Here’s how we’re improving occupational health for our clients

Wellbeing and health coaching

Our award-winning wellbeing and health coaching programmes approach healthcare in the round, factoring in people’s community and lifestyle as well as their workplace. This holistic approach, underpinned by data, results in bespoke packages which help colleagues successfully manage life events, return to health following illness, or reach personal goals.

Absence management

The annual economic cost of sickness absence in the UK is more than £100bn. We provide a wide range of preventative and reactive services supporting employers to help individuals to return to health / remain well and in work

Mental health

Our national network of psychologists, psychiatrists, CBT therapists, counsellors and counselling psychologists can help your people through any mental health challenge. Our integrated treatment model incorporates physical health and wellbeing into our mental health services, giving clients maximum flexibility over service provision and delivery.

Workplace primary care

Our outstanding network of clinicians and healthcare teams provides integrated, accessible primary care for large, complex organisations – ranging from immunisation and vaccination to screening, treatment and medication, GP services (online and virtual), first response, emergency care and preventive care.


Our clinical experts provide a full suite of services designed to help people remain in work or return to work safely wherever possible through tailored support, advice and assessment services including ergonomics, physiotherapy, guided exercises and training.

Disability and neurodiversity

Disabilities, such as hearing and vision loss, and neurodiverse conditions, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia, should never be a barrier to work. We work with you on developing an understanding and appreciation of diversity and equality in the workplace, breaking down any barriers that may be in place, raising awareness in your workforce and helping you create an environment in which each individual is celebrated, supported and able to ‘be their best’.

Occupational hygiene

Good hygiene is vital in reducing workplace health risks and encouraging healthy lifestyles for employees. Our hygiene team, Hygiene Partners Ltd, specialises in the identification, preventment, treatment and control of workplace health risks, both on a consultancy basis and through holistic service packages.

Health risk management

Our clinicians offer expert advice on the planning and delivery of health surveillance, fitness-to-work assessment programmes and associated health risk management services. We have successfully delivered online and face-to-face programmes for some of the most complex, geographically dispersed organisations in the UK, providing services including occupational health advice lines; new starter questionnaires and assessments; workplace assessments; travel health, immunisations and flu; drug and alcohol testing; overseas medical support and service delivery; biological monitoring and laboratory services; and a range of COVID-19 testing, assessments and consultations.

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“Everything is very patient driven. It’s about what they need to get better. Other services will prescribe six appointments and that will be that. Here it’s different. The offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of each person.” 

Dr Sheena Kumar, Senior Counselling Psychologist

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