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30 Jan 2023

Time to Talk: Guide for Managers

Time to Talk Day is an annual event, taking place the first week of February, which aims to raise awareness about mental health and encourage people to have open and honest conversations about their mental wellbeing.

For organisations, Time to Talk Day is a great opportunity for managers to take steps to support employees' mental and emotional health.

A good starting point is to create a culture of openness and support within your teams. This can be achieved through regular team meetings and one-on-one conversations, where employees can discuss any concerns or challenges they may be facing.

It is also important to provide employees with access to resources and support. This can include things like employee assistance programmes (EAPs), counselling services and mental health first aiders. By providing these resources, you are showing your employees that their wellbeing is a priority and that they have the support they need to take care of themselves.

In addition, it is also important to educate yourself and your team about mental health. This can be done through training sessions, workshops and expert guidance from counselling specialists. Through education, you will be better equipped to recognise and support employees who may be struggling with their mental health.

Finally, as a manager, it is important to lead by example. By being open and honest about your own mental wellbeing, you are setting a positive example for your team and encouraging them to do the same.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your employees feel supported and valued, and that their mental wellbeing is a priority.


Our colleagues at Psych Health offer workshops on a wide variety of mental health topics. If you are interested in finding out how they can support your organisation, please get in touch.

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