7 Aug 2023

National Allotments Week: What to grow in August 

In the UK, August is a great time for growing and picking a variety of fruit & vegetables as they flourish in the warmer weather and longer days.  


Here are some seasonal vegetables that can be grown on UK allotments (or at home!) in August: 


  • Various types of berries, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and gooseberries. 

  • Red & Blackcurrants: These berries are ready for harvesting in August and can be used for making jams, jellies, and sauces. 

  • Plums: Certain plum varieties reach maturity in August, providing a delightful fruit to enjoy fresh or use in cooking. 

  • Early Apples: Early-ripening apple varieties may be ready for picking towards the end of August. 

  • Nectarines and Peaches: If you have a sheltered and sunny spot in your allotment, you may be able to grow nectarines and peaches, which can ripen in August. 

  • Figs: In warm and sheltered locations, figs can ripen in late summer, including August. 

  • Melons: If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel, you can attempt to grow melons that may be ready for harvesting in August. 


Turning our attention to vegetables, here are some options for a late summer harvest: 

  • Beans (Runner beans, French beans): These are fast-growing and can yield abundant crops if regularly harvested. 

  • Beets (Beetroot): Sow beets directly into the soil for a tasty root vegetable. 

  • Broccoli: Some varieties of broccoli can be sown in late spring or early summer for a late summer harvest. 

  • Cabbage: Certain types of cabbage, like summer cabbage, can be grown for harvesting in August. 

  • Carrots: Sow carrots earlier in the year for a late summer harvest. 

  • Courgettes: These are prolific growers in the summer months, producing plenty of delicious fruits. 

  • Cucumbers: If grown in a greenhouse or under cover, cucumbers can thrive in August. 

  • Lettuce: Certain varieties of lettuce can be grown throughout the summer, providing fresh salads. 

  • Peas: For late-summer peas, choose early-maturing varieties and sow them in spring. 

  • Radishes: These fast-growing root vegetables are perfect for a quick harvest in August. 

  • Spinach: Some spinach varieties can be grown well into summer before bolting. 

  • Swiss Chard: This versatile leafy green can be harvested throughout the growing season. 

  • Turnips: Plant turnips in mid-summer for a late summer and early autumn harvest. 


Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly opportunity to add more variety to your diet. It provides you with more ability to eat the rainbow – an essential recommendation regarding our diet, as different colour fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals, supplying us with the widest health benefits. 

The specific varieties you choose to grow might depend on your location within the UK and the microclimate of your plot. Also, consider that certain vegetables may require different levels of care and attention, so it's essential to plan accordingly and be mindful of any specific planting guidelines for your chosen crops. Happy gardening!